We make it simple by smart engineering.

In 2013, Radomir Doberstajn founded the Screen-LED company. Initially, the company was involved in the manufacturing of innovative LED screen trailers, in which a huge LED screen lifts and rotates hydraulically. In 2016, we decided to expand our business with food trailers and mobile solutions for solar energy. This is how the MOVEit.tech brand was created!

Our products are distinguished by innovation, attention to detail, and functionality. We have delivered food trailers to Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Poland, Romania, and many other European countries.

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230+ Trailers made

We have huge experience in the production of specialized trailers that meet the highest standards.

36 Countries with our products

Our products can be found almost all over the world.

13 Years of experience

Over the years, we have refined our standards so that our products are reliable.

Meet Our team

Radomir Doberstajn CEO

Kacper Pawlak Director

Daria Rochowicz Food truck consultant

Martyna Telus-Nowak Office and administration

Mateusz Tomaszewski Marketing specialist

Rafał Wachowiak Design engineer

Waldemar Cholewinski Design engineer

Marek Twardowski Purchasing specialist

Food – Move IT!

We design trailers so that their use is as simple and ergonomic as possible. We work with kitchen equipment manufacturers to match each project. We use the highest quality components, which ensures the durability of the trailers. Our common goal is the reliability of your food truck.

Inowrocław Made in Poland

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