Food trailers and pop up containers manufacturer.

We are a specialized trailers manufacturer. Our offer consists mainly of various food trailers as well as containers. Each product is made to order. We work closely with our customers to make sure that the final product meets their requirements. Every trailer is always polished down to the finest detail.


Design and manufacturing.

We offer our trailers in various sizes, colors and shapes. Plenty of possible configurations for our customers to choose from. Our engineers design every trailer to meet strict safety standards.


Quality and certification.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Thanks to the numerous trailers already manufactured, we have the experience necessary to build quality units. We only use the highest quality components. Every food trailer comes with CE certification.


Custom options and equipment.

Each project is always tailored to the customer’s needs. We offer empty trailers as well as with all the necessary appliances. Customers can choose exactly what they need.

Order process.

All food trailers undergo extensive testing before delivery. We are making sure that everything is working as intended. High-quality materials enable long and trouble-free operation.

Meeting of food trailer customization

Technical food trailer customization.

In the beginning, we always discuss the details of the trailer with our customers. In this step, we are determining what to include in the project. Which elements are necessary for the specific type of cuisine and what type of solutions are not needed.

Desing engineer projecting a food trailer

Design and projecting.

Currently, in our offer, you can find 3 unique designs. These trailers vary quite significantly in shape and application. As mentioned before, our engineers design every unit. We construct our trailers ourselves to ensure the best quality possible.

manufacturing of food trailer


Spacious production hall and modern equipment help us to meet the highest standards. In order to ensure absolute safety, we only use axles from renowned manufacturers like ALKO or KNOTT.

Delivery of food trailer

Delivery and servicing.

Our clients usually collect food trailers directly from our factory. We can also arrange shipping or our own transport. Comprehensive technical support is available throughout the lifetime of the product.


3 types of food trailers, so choose the perfect one for you.

Different types of food trailers in our offer helps our customers to choose the one that suits them best. We offer ready made solutions for various types of food. You can pick up one of our premade configurations straight from the factory.


Fully customized pop-up containers – take your restaurant anywhere.

In case you look for something bigger our wide range of pop up containers might be the option for you. Fully customizable based on your needs. Offers plenty of space for your business to grow.